My children and I go to Dr. Fanning any time we need anything done. If I call them with a semi-emergency (something that needs attention quickly but is not causing pain) they tell me that it will be about a week before I can get in, but they always call me with in a an hour or so and say ok, we had a cancellation come in now, lol. He is so kind and his staff is wonderful. I even went to him when I was pregnant and I was not able to lay down on my back so he did two fillings with me sitting up, which is difficult for a dentist to do, it is much easier for them if you can lay down. They are always so patient with me and my children and are always making sure everything is ok and that we aren't in any pain. As long as I live in this area we will be going to see Dr. Fanning.


Dr. Fanning is awesome. I had never had a tooth pulled and was terrified. He was very, very kind and answered all of my questions. He was extremely patient and waited until I fwlt ready to have the tooth removed. The entire procedure was painless. I will never use another dentist.


Today was my first time going to Dr Donald E Fanning. The dental hygienist was very friendly and talkative. Dr Fanning was the same way they work with care and courtesy. He kept saying " if anything bothers you just let me know." It seems like he really cares. Ill be going back next month for sure.


Dr Fanning is an awesome dentist. I had a tooth break and was in serious pain The staff there got me in immediately and did everything they could to stop the pain til the doctor was able to get to me. This is a wonderful caring place and I would refer ANYONE to Dr Fannings office. I will continue to have my work done here now and as long as they are here. Dr Fanning got to me and tok care of my tooth with the utmost care and sensitivity. I am pain free and so pleased. Thanks Dr Fanning and Staff you are all awesome

Sara W.

Dr Fanning has been my dentist for over 2 years now and I wouldn't go to anyone else... I have referred many to him ... His staff is always delightful and always friendly... And he himself is very kind.... He has done great work on my teeth and feel privileged to have him as my dentist.

Angela M

Awesome experience. My molar cracked in half this morning and spent all day calling to try to find someone to get me in, they were able to fit me in thank god! I had to bring my two toddlers in with me (2yr old and 3 yr old) they were awesome with my kids while the dr was working on my tooth. Very kind dr and the whole staff!!

A Yahoo! Local user

I would refer dentist Donald Fanning to anyone looking for a patient, kind, hardworking, sensitive to his patients needs dentist. If Jesus his self asked me for a dentist, this would be the one I'd refer. When I could not get anyone in Killeen to extract my wisdom tooth on a walk in basis he was there for me and did his job extremely well, I never felt the extraction. I was in so much pain and he made it all better thanks Mr. fanning. The again when I had an accidental injury happen from eating at Ryan's in Killeen, he was there for me I called the after hours number and he called me back that same evening and checked on me, and worked me in early that next morning. Your are the best Dentist Fanning. Most people are shy of going to the dentist, I am one of those people but now that I found this dentist, he might just get tired of seeing me :O), I am a mother of an autistic son, and I will even take him there, that should say a lot, because anyone who knows anything about autism, its a hard case to deal with sometimes finding a real good provider of any kind. His staff is very gracious, thanks so much to all of your for everything, your hard work, and you all are doing a wonderful job. Keep up the great work. Terri